Неофіційний лист

You’ve just returned from your first lesson of English courses in London.
You’ve decided to write a letter to your friend about this lesson and about the teacher.
  • write information about the topic of the first lesson;
  • describe your first impression concerning the group and the groupmates;
  • describe your English teacher and the types of activities at the lesson.

Write at least 100 words. Do not write any dates and addresses.

Приклад написання неофіційного листа:
Hello Denis,

  I’m writing to share my experience of attending English courses in London. I just can’t find the words. It was the most amazing one I’ve ever done.

  To start with, there were ten students in my class. All of them were from different countries. We had 6 classes per day and a lot of free time for additional activities like seeing the sights or just hanging around. Our first class was about tenses in the English language. We did listening, reading and writing and now I find it easier to decide which tense to use.

  As you can see, my first impression was definitely positive. Moreover, all the people were extremely friendly and we spent beautiful time together. We would go walking every evening, we shared our life experience and everybody was quite enthusiastic to hear each other’s stories.

  In addition, our teacher had a nice approach to make us all engaged. Just imagine: she speaks six foreign languages and is always ready to give hands-on examples of different rules. It helps learn them faster. She gave us lots of fully videos to watch and some games to play. As a result, we learned new stuff with hardly any effort. That was fantastic.

  Hope next year you will be able to join the courses as well and we would have some more common memories to share.

   I can’t wait to hear about your summer. Write me back soon.
  Best wishes,

Лист написаний моїм студентом Кисіль Максимом (з незначними правками), якому дякую за згоду на публікацію.

  1. В письмовій роботі студент виконує всі умови завдання: розповідає про тему першого уроку (Our first class was about tenses in the English language), розповідає про групу та одногрупників (all the people were extremely friendly and we spent beautiful time together), також розповів про вчителя (our teacher had a nice approach to make us all engaged) та види діяльності на заняттях (She gave us lots of fully videos to watch and some games to play).
  2. Лист має відповідну структуру: поділений на абзаци, має логічний вступ та закінчення, привітання та прощання, а також обраний правильний стиль написання (неофіційний).
  3. Студент використовує достатньо сполучників, вставних слів (to start with, as you can see, in addition, as a result...)
  4. Лист багатий на різні граматичні конструкції. Вжито Present Simple, Present Perfect, Past Simple, Future Simple. Виражено умовність за допомогою would, а також вжито would в значенні минулого часу.
  5. Лексичних та граматичних помилок немає.
  6. Умова кількості слів виконана.

Характерними ознаками офіційного листа є:
  1. Привітання (Hi+name, Dear+name, Dear Mum/Dad)
  2. Використання скорочень, фразових дієслів, інколи сленгу.
  3. Закінчення (Love, With lots of love, Yours, Best wishes)

Корисні фрази для написання неофіційного листа:

 • Greeting
Hi Amanda
Dear Carol
Dear Mum

 • Introduction
Thanks so much for your letter/email.
It was great to get your letter/email.
Sorry for not writing for so long.
I’ve just received your email and I’m sorry to hear the news.
I just wanted to let you know that…
I was really glad to hear from you again.

 • Main part (розкриваємо головну тему листа)
I’d like to inform that…
Anyway, the reason I’m writing is…
I thought to write to tell/ask you…

 • Conclusion (підсумовуємо сказане і показуємо бажання отримати відповідь)
What about you? How are you?
Let me know if my advice was of any help.
Thanks again for your email/present.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your invitation.
I can’t wait to see you again.
Looking forward to seeing you soon and catching up on all your news.
Write back soon and tell me all about your…
Hope this advice helps.
Well, that’s all for now.
Bye for now.

 • Ending
Love, ...
Lots of love, ...
Yours, ...
Best wishes, ...